How to Carry More On Your Bike Using WRAPTIE™ & Bike Panniers

Whether you’re traveling across country or hauling groceries home from the market, you need a system that secures all your things -- little or big!

Backpacks and messenger bags can grow uncomfortable and sweaty after just a few miles, and most bikes are missing even the most basic small-cargo carrying devices. Hanging a bag from your handlebars should be avoided, as it will affect your steering and may get in the way of the brakes or front wheel, causing you to crash.

Today we want to share with you 3 ways to safely carry things on your bicycle...


By far the safest way to carry is by installing quality bike panniers. Racks are fixed onto the frame over the wheels, allowing you to attach crates, boxes, or panniers, or to strap items down to the rack itself. You can get one at most bike shops.

Add a rack to the front, back or both! Rear racks are better for attaching bike panniers or larger items to the top of them. Make sure to add a light that sits on the end of your rear rack rather than at the seat post to make sure you’re still visible when fully loaded.

Front racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from simple support for bags to a wide platform designed to have items strapped to it directly. If you’re going touring and have a fork that’s designed to handle the weight, front racks are great, but for simple commuting, a rear rack is a better option. If you never plan to throw more than your purse and a few small items on the bike, then a front rack with a basket will do just fine.


@worldbiking (Amaya Williams)


If your bike doesn’t already have a basket, it needs one ASAP. Adding a basket can cost you less than $20 and change your life exponentially! This is especially important for regular bikers. Imagine jugging your coffee, water, groceries and more without one! They’re a great way to throw stuff onto your bike without thinking much about it.

If you can’t see yourself as a regular bike-with-a-basket rider, simply have a milk crate or similar basket on hand. When you do head out for groceries or more, you can use a tie-down strap to secure the crate to your rack.

Pro tip: Use a tie-down or two across the top of your basket to secure your load from flying out when you go over potholes.


No matter what rack or basket you choose, you’ll need some way to secure your gear. Bungee cords are dangerous, a risky option. Regular tie down straps, rope, and tape are time-consuming and a pain to use. 

WRAPTIE™ multi-function straps to combine all the best features and our new WRAPTIE™ 90 is designed specifically for smaller, lightweight jobs like this.

You can secure just about anything to your rack using our WRAPTIE™ 90s. Check out the "How To" video below, to see just how easy it is. 

The high-tension, industrial grade elasticized webbing locks your load into position every time! Not only is this strap fast but extremely secure. This is especially important for anyone who wants to take their bike out for a longer adventure!

What to Take on Your Next Bicycle Trip

Planning an overnight or longer bike tour? Make sure to pack and secure the items on our Bike Touring Gear Checklist:

And last, but certainly not least, your favorite tie-downs!

Check out our favorite adventure cyclist, Amaya Williams, who is putting WRAPTIE™ to work on the road.
@worldbiking (Amaya Williams somewhere in the Jotunheimen National Park)


 And just because who doesn't love a montage! 

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