How to Secure a Load to Any Motorcycle in Less Than 30 Seconds

As the world’s smartest multi-function tie down strap, our WRAPTIE™ experts know that you don’t have to work harder if you can work smarter. When you’re working smarter, you’re organized, and able get things done quicker. Exactly how quick can you get something done? Unfortunately, we don’t have all the answers here at WRAPTIE™.

However, we do know that by using our tie down straps you can secure any load to a motorcycle in less than 30 seconds. Don’t believe us? Then try it out for yourself.

Here are the steps you’ll need to set the WRAPTIE™ record for securing a load to a motorcycle.

Step 1: Attach

First, grab your WRAPTIE™ strap and secure using the Fast Grab end to any convenient point on your motorcycle.

Unlike traditional tie down straps such as bungee cords, the ends of WRAPTIE™ straps are flexible, able to attach to a variety of different surfaces, and lack the danger of hooks or buckles that can damage your eyes. Not only will WRAPTIE™ keep your gear safe and secure, it’s adjustability will prevent your gear and your vehicle from getting damaged by its use.

Step 2: Stretch, Twist & Wrap

Next, stretch the strap and wrap around your cargo as required.

WRAPTIE™ easily expands the circumference of your materials, with no fear of breaking or snapping back. The high tension, industrial grade, elastic webbing has been designed and tested so that WRAPTIE™ exceeds your requirements.

Step 3: Twist

Then, pull the WRAPTIE™ through your second contact point and twist the active end of the strap so that the hook and loop fasteners are facing towards each other.

Step 4: Secure

After the twist, you just secure the strap.

Our innovative hook and loop fastening system anchors the strap to your vehicle and itself, making sure your cargo is along for the ride. With a max load of 50kg/110lb, even your heaviest goods aren’t going anywhere. Thanks to WRAPTIE™’s tail end tidy feature, there’s no leftover strap to secure or worry about.

Now that your valuables are safely strapped to your vehicle you can travel knowing they won’t be lost to the road.

WRAPTIE™’s patent pending fastening system allows WRAPTIE to be secured 80% faster than regular tie down straps and way safer than bungee cords. Here at WRAPTIE™, we were able to fasten a strap in well under 30 seconds. Think you can do it faster? Feel free to send us your record for fastest WRAPTIE™ application.

While WRAPTIE™ is intuitive and easy to use, this handy guide is here to aid you. If you’re more of a visual learner, we also have a video to provide a visual aid to the tie down steps.

For more on WRAPTIE™, head to our website to check out our line of products and additional information. Whether you’re going on an outdoor adventure, traveling across the country, or just working home projects, WRAPTIE™ keeps everything together.

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